The Care and Keeping of a Silk Plus Size Wedding Dress

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Silk is an incredible fabric that is equal parts elegance and durability. This classic fabric is mostly hypoallergenic, naturally derived, and has been a bride favorite for decades. 

If you’ve found the perfect silk plus size wedding dress, you might be wondering how to properly care for it in the days leading up to your big day, and after. 

Silk is indeed a special fabric, and in this blog post we share the most important tips for the ultimate silk gown preservation. Let’s go! 

Is Silk Machine Washable?

Silk is a tough fabric, and in some cases you can actually wash it in the machine without issue. However, if your dress is not pure silk or it is embellished, then it can be damaged if not handled professionally.

Some silk gowns tend to fade in the wash, losing its signature luster and softness. It’s also not a good idea to put it in the dryer, as the heat can shrink the garment.

Instead, the best course of action would be to first check with the designer regarding the best way to wash your dress. 

Furthermore, the safest bet is to take it to a professional cleaner who has experience with silk. At Curve, we always recommend Oceanside Cleaners to our Jacksonville brides!

After the Wedding…

If you plan on preserving your silk plus size wedding gown after the big day, then there are a few important factors to note.

Once it has been professionally cleaned, fold it loosely and wrap it in acid-free paper, then seal it inside of a box or garment bag.

Store your dress in a cool, dark place out of reach from pets and children. Remember, sunlight can discolor a wedding dress, so hide it away from those windows!

It’s also important to keep alcohol based substances such as hairspray or perfume away, as this also damages silk.

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