The Advantages of Shopping Local for Your Plus-Size Wedding Dress

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

When it comes to finding a unique plus-size wedding dress, your best bet may be right in your backyard! What we mean is, rather than spending your time traveling to big brand bridal stores, consider shopping local to score the dress of your dreams. 

There are many advantages to shopping local and odds are, you probably do it all the time. Whether it be stopping by the local green market or hitting up the cozy coffee shop on the corner, you are doing your part at supporting small businesses and while enjoying products and services you can’t get anywhere else. 

At Curve, we also understand the pickings are slim when it comes to finding wedding dresses in larger sizes. That’s why we are poud to be the only small business providing gorgeous plus-size wedding dresses in Florida!

You can’t beat a personalized approach

Shopping for a wedding gown is a very special occasion for many brides, so the experience is paramount. Obviously you are expecting a laid-back atmosphere and friendly customer service, which is something large-scale stores can’t always provide.

At a local bridal boutique, you’re not just another number. You become part of a family! Not only is the approach more personal, but whomever you work with will take the time to have a better understanding of your day-to-day and bridal style goals. And, imagine this- they remember your name! 

Do yourself a favor and skip the customer hotlines and endless email chains of big retailers!

Find a Unique Plus-Size Wedding Gown

At Curve and our sister stores, you can find stunning designs produced by  local artisans, pieces that you won’t find at big-name stores. You don’t have to worry about another bride having the same look as you, instead you’re paying for a timeless ensemble that you can keep for years as an heirloom. 

Not only is it a testimony to your personal style, but it’s also reflective of the artistic culture of your community.

Boost Your Community


As mentioned previously, shopping local doesn’t only have benefits for yourself, but for the community as a whole. When you shop local, you are providing employment opportunities for others who are really dedicated to their trade. You can make connections throughout the entire local bridal scene as well, including salons, catering, and photography. 

All in all, shopping local is a great way to bolster the local economy while giving yourself the opportunity to find a rare gem of a wedding gown.








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