Shopping for a Plus Size Wedding Dress Online: Yay or Nay?

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Shopping online for your wedding dress can be tempting, especially when it comes to plus size wedding gowns. Unfortunately, many bridal stores don’t offer a lot of options for curvy brides, so we totally understand why online seems like the best and perhaps only route.

Here at Curve, we actually don’t recommend shopping online, because the cons heavily outweigh the pros. Plus, online is NOT your only option, ladies!

We’ll spill the tea on the online bridal scene right here, right now…

You Don’t Know What You’re Going to Get

Let’s face it, edited photos are easy to fall for, especially when an online bridal store features designer pictures with unbelievable prices. 

The thing is, counterfeit wedding dresses are a real problem. Online shoppers find the designer dress they love, place the order, and then have their hearts broken when the dress that arrives is nothing like the one in the picture.

There are other worries, too, such as getting a dress in the mail that’s used or dirty. If it’s a final sale kind of deal, you’re stuck with a dress you don’t like, your money is wasted, and there’s a whole lot of disappointment.

You Miss Out on Essential Support

Another big factor to consider is that you’re not going to have the full support of a bridal consultant. The advice and guidance they can provide on dress fittings, alterations, customizations, and designers is unmatched…it’s the kind of help you just can’t get online.

This support is also important, because time is of the essence. Remember that you have to find your dress well in advance before your wedding day to have it altered, if necessary. This takes time, and if you buy online you’re risking a dress that needs intensive work or a dress you just don’t like at all.

Being Able to Try Multiple Dresses

Probably the biggest con of shopping for your wedding dress online is that you can’t try it on. You’re taking a huge gamble with this!

At a bridal boutique you can try on multiple silhouettes under the knowledgeable eye of your own personal bridal consultant. You get a feel for the different fabrics, styles, and what you like or don’t like. 

Even if you don’t find the dress of your dreams, you can still leave the appointment with inspiration and style ideas.

Having Trouble Finding Plus Size Wedding Dresses in Florida?

Curve can help! We are the only plus size bridal boutique in Florida that caters solely to curvy women who need larger sizes than the standard. 

We also have sample dresses available if you’re looking for a deal! Sample wedding dresses can be bought off-rack at a discount, or you can attend the trunk show of your favorite designer. Generally, if you purchase a gown at the show you’ll receive a discount.

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