3 Tips When Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Shopping for plus size wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL doesn’t have to be stressful! Perhaps you’ve had less than favorable experiences at a boutique or the lack of dresses in your size range has made you feel disheartened.

Curve is here to help! And first off, we’ll tell you that you should never settle for a dress that you don’t want, especially if it’s because it seems to be the only dress that fits. 

There are plenty of options for you and remember- our expert team of bridal consultants is here to help!

Here are our best tips to make your plus size wedding dress experience a breeze!

When calling boutiques, ask about extended sizing

Unfortunately, many boutiques have samples available only in a size 12 (this is like a street size 8) and if they have extended sizing it may only be for 3 or 4 dresses. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask about their size range and the different styles they carry so you can get an idea of the variety to choose from.

At Curve, dresses are sampled in a bridal size 18 – 34, and we carry designers that specialize in fitting a curvy body, along with some brand-new exclusive designers like Studio Levana. We can also clip you into your dress to give you a better idea of the fit and overall look.

Stay open-minded

Yes, you CAN have your dream wedding dress! Just come prepared with pictures and tell your bridal consultant exactly what you want- you’ll never hurt our feelings!

Some curvy brides often come in saying that they can’t wear a fitted style, and we say, “why not?”

A lot of times a mermaid gown or fit-to-flare gown looks gorgeous hugging those curves! At Curve, we encourage brides to try on a variety of styles and provide a relaxing, no-pressure environment to make it a comfortable experience. So go ahead and give that sexy dress a try...you might just fall in love!

Go for the size that fits you at that moment

It’s common for brides to want to go with a smaller size as they plan to lose some weight, but we recommend choosing the size that fits you now.

It’s easier to alter a dress down to size than vice versa, so if your gown arrives and it’s a little loose, no worries- alterations will make it fit just right.

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