Plus-Size Bridal Style Inspiration: All About Bows!

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Bows have been a timeless and romantic wedding dress embellishment for generations. They are incredibly versatile, whether you want to achieve a vintage look, glam up a minimalistic dress, or you want something sensual while still leaving room to the imagination.

If you're considering ways to incorporate bows into your plus-size wedding dress, here are 7 elegant ideas for inspiration.

A Dramatic Back Bow

Draw attention to your beautiful curves with a large, dramatic bow adorning the back of your wedding dress. It adds a touch of elegance and can serve as a focal point as you walk down the aisle. This is especially nice on form-fitting silhouettes, such as a mermaid gown.

Waist-Cinching Bows

Create the illusion of a cinched waist with a belt or sash tied into a bow. This also gives you the power to have some control over the structure of your dress, since you can tie it as tight or loose as you feel comfortable.

Consider a thin, ribbon-like bow for subtlety or a more prominent one for a bold statement.

Pretty Little Shoulder Accents

Place small bows on the shoulders or sleeves of your wedding dress to create an elegant and dainty look. This works exceptionally well for off-the-shoulder or cap-sleeved dresses.

Likewise, you can have shoulder straps that tie into place, giving you the functionality to adjust the fit of your dress for comfort.

Beautiful Cascading Bow Train

For a truly extravagant and unique look, incorporate a cascading bow train into your wedding dress. This trail of bows flowing down the back of your gown boosts the wow factor if you’re shooting for an elaborate wedding.

Bow Appliqués

Instead of traditional fabric bows, consider incorporating bow-shaped appliqués or lace into your dress's design. This is unique and can pair well with a contemporary sheer-style wedding dress.

Bow Details on Veil or Accessories

Extend the bow theme to your veil or accessories. Adorn your veil's comb or edges with small bows, or incorporate bow-inspired jewelry and hairpieces for a coordinated look. This adds some cutesy boho flair if you’re planning on wearing your down.

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