Navigating Unique Fall Color Palettes for Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Are you celebrating your love in a fall wedding? This is a beautiful season in Florida, with weather that’s not too cold, yet not humid. The colors are also lovely. Have you ever seen a beach sunset during the fall?

One of the best ways for brides to express themselves is with a carefully chosen color palette for a plus-size wedding dress. The season's warm tones and cozy ambiance offer a myriad of options to highlight your curves! We share our faves in this blog post.

Deep Purples and Reds

For plus-size brides seeking a palette that radiates royalty, deep purples and rich berry tones are an excellent choice. These colors make a statement and flatter a variety of skin tones. Imagine a gown with intricate lace details in deep purple, creating a stunning focal point that enhances your natural beauty and complements the fall surroundings.

Peach and Terracotta

Capture the warmth of a fall Florida sunset by choosing a wedding dress in lighter shades of peach and terracotta. These hues exude romance and create a soft ambiance.

Plus-size brides can opt for dresses with flowing fabrics and subtle draping that enhance their curves, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit. Picture yourself saying “I do” on the beach, basking in the glow of autumn with a gown that embraces the gentle tones of a sunset.

Gold and Champagne

Gold and champagne tones are the glamorous accents that make a vintage wedding dress take the spotlight. These colors are versatile and can be incorporated into various styles, from classic ball gowns to sleek mermaid silhouettes. Enhance your curves with a dress that features subtle gold accents or opt for an alluring champagne gown that offers a hint of color without going overboard.

Forest Green and Copper

Celebrate the beauty of nature with a wedding dress in a palette inspired by the autumn landscape. Forest green and copper tones create a harmonious blend that complements the season and enhances an earthy or boho-themed wedding. 

Consider a gown with lace or embroidered details in these colors, adding just a pop of color to make your wedding dress stand out from the crowd.

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