How to Safely Store Your Wedding Dress Until the Big Day

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

You’ve got your dream wedding dress and the next step is walking down the aisle! But until then, how can you keep your wedding dress pristine? 


Making sure your dress is properly stored will help save you stress and worry leading up to the big day. Once you receive your dress from the final fitting, whatever you do, please refrain from stuffing it in your closet!


Instead, here are 4 tips on keeping your dress prim and pressed leading up to the ceremony.

Don’t Cut the Hang Straps


It might be the first thing you do with shirts and sundresses, but cutting the hang straps off your wedding dress is a big no-no


Those straps serve a crucial role in hanging your heavy wedding dress securely. If it’s not already done when you receive the dress from your final fitting, make sure each hang strap is untwisted and hooked correctly to give your dress support.


The hang straps evenly disperse the weight of the dress, eliminating stretching and wrinkles. The hang straps also are also helpful for keeping lace or beads from tangling or snagging.

Isolate Your Dress

Once your dress makes it home, you pretty much want to put it in social isolation. This means, finding a cool, dry, and dark place for your dress. 


Some options that would work great include a spare room closet, extra bedroom, or empty hallway closet


If you have kids or pets, think of a place they can’t reach with sticky fingers or sharp claws.


If you are in a smaller space and a spare room is not an option, laying the dress down flat under a clean bed works too.

Should I Hang or Lay My Dress Flat?


The question is as old as time. We’ll let you in on a little secret though... either way, works!


It really depends on what type of space you have or how long until your wedding day. If the wedding is coming up within a few weeks, hanging is fine. If we're looking at months or even a year, laying your dress out flat is preferred. 


Wrap ‘er Up


Now that your dress is either hanging in the spare bedroom closest or cozied up under your bed, it’s time to talk about how to cover up your precious cargo. 


You want to make sure your dress is stored inside something breathable, to protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture. 


We recommend a cotton garment bag, for the most breathability. When you receive your dress from the final fitting, if it’s wrapped in tissue paper this is ok too.

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