Curve’s Minimalist Bride Style Guide

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

If your wedding day arrives and you find yourself underwhelmed with your plus-size wedding dress, look no further! As a curvy, minimalist bride, there are always ways to make a statement that goes beyond the dress. 

In this blog, we will explore tips to make your minimalist look zing with just the right amount of pop.  

Veils and Little Details


When a minimalist bride wants to accentuate the elegance, an exceptional veil is sure to make a statement without going overboard. 

Adding a veil is an excellent way to bring a sultry volume to the whole look. Imagine the light material of your veil floating along your curves. It’s a great way to contrast fabrics, such as the simplistic glam of satin against lace. 

Color Poppin Shoes


Another avenue to take is one that shifts focus from dress to shoes. 

Traditionally, wedding gowns are set to match with its respective shoe, but in this modern age the fashion-forward bride prefers to make her own traditions. 

If you are a minimalist bride looking to make a statement, the addition of a glamorous pink or green heel (or any color for that matter) is a great way to express your own taste while maintaining an air of simplicity. Plus, you’ll have a fun shoe that pairs well with other outfits long after the big day.

Modular Options


When you have the options to build upon your look, why buy multiple dresses (i.e., wedding gown and reception dress) when you can transform the one you have?

Modular bridal dressing has become a popular choice for many brides, especially those who are looking to boost their minimalist look. Modular fashion allows the bride to pick between an array of overskirts, detachable sleeves and even capes, making your minimalist dress into an infinite canvas!


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