Curve’s Guide to Same-Sex Plus Size Wedding Ensembles

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

Shopping for your wedding gown (or suit) is one of the most exciting steps in the journey to the altar

For same-sex brides, there is so much room for the execution of incredible bridal looks shared between two brides. Here at Curve Bridal, we want to share some of our favorite styles to help inspire your look on the big day.

The first thing to remember is: THERE ARE NO RULES

If you and your bride have both been dreaming of dresses or plan on a dress paired with a suit OR something completely different, the world is your oyster. 

On this note, if you and your lover are both planning on gowns, consider shopping at the same boutique with the same stylist. This makes it easier to coordinate if that is something you desire!

Plus Size Wedding Style Ideas

The dress and jumpsuit ensemble

When starting the quest for your dress, it’s important to remember that you have options. The first idea we’d like to offer up is the dress/jumpsuit duo

The dress/ jumpsuit duo allows room for coordination without seeing double. For example, you can find a dress and jumpsuit that share a similar silhouette (chic jumpsuit and A-line gown). You could also seek uniformity by implementing matching necklines

Another plus with the dress/ jumpsuit option is many boutiques carry bridal jumpsuits (Curve Bridal included), this way you and your bride can find matching looks that aren’t identical

Plus size wedding dress and a suit

If you’re having trouble finding gender-neutral options with dresses, broadening your scope can help align with the style choices of your partner

One idea we have is going for something outside of tradition, for example, looking at gowns that are a different color from white. Different color gowns can add a unique element to your wedding. 

Imagine how cool it would be if your honey was suited up in an all-white suit while you shine in a dreamy lilac gown (or any color for that matter). This is a way to shift away from tradition with a fashion-forward twist.

Seeing double

What’s better than one dress… TWO! If you and your partner are aiming for the double dress look, there are plenty of ways to keep things different but parallel

When looking for dresses, consider the theme of your wedding and how you want your dresses to convey that tone

If you’re not worried about matching to a T, look for gowns that are set apart by details. For instance, the same silhouette with contrasting necklines (imagine a plunging neck A-line versus a plunging back A-line.) 

This being said, you can obviously go in completely opposite directions with dress styles. Think of a boat neck ball gown paired with a boho mermaid. This gives your wedding guests a taste of different dress styles while expressing the individual tastes of each bride

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