Choosing the Best Train for Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

You’re not finished after you find your dream wedding dress! Next comes the accessories you want to really make your look pop!

In this post, we are focusing on bridal trains. This is a traditional accessory that consists of a fabric piece that attaches to the back of your wedding dress, either at the waistline or hem, and trails behind the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Choosing the best bridal train for your look can be difficult since there are so many different styles and fabrics. We break down the most popular trains and what to consider when taking your pick of the bunch.

The Casual Sweep Train

As the heading suggests, this is a good option for a more informal wedding or a casual beach wedding. This train extends from the hemline and is shorter than other types at around 12”, so it just dusts the floor.

The Popular Chapel Train

This type of train gives brides the best of both worlds- a flowing 60” train that doesn’t make movement a challenge. This type of train extends from the waistline.

The Trendy Watteau Train

If you dare to be different, then this train style is sure to turn heads. It extends from the shoulders or upper back like an elegant cape. It’s also versatile since it can be detached or sewn onto your dress. The length is totally up to you!

The Magnificent Royal Train

Looking to shine like the queen you are on your wedding day? Make a grand entrance with a stunning royal train. This baby extends up to 10 ft. in length, making you the absolute focal point of the ceremony.

The Dramatic Cathedral Train

This is another fancy option fit for formal weddings. The cathedral train is also long and extravagant, extending from the waistline from 72 to 96 inches. If you want a striking addition to your simple, yet elegant dress, this is a grand choice.

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