A Look at the History of Wedding Dresses

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

The wedding look we know as the traditional white wedding dress has evolved over the centuries to become the modern and diverse gown we know and love today. 

Fashion trends tend to move in cycles in accordance to shifting societal norms. That’s the beauty of bridal- every bride has the freedom to express her personal style, and the numerous designs are there to prove it! 

In this blog, we will cover a brief history on the classic wedding gown, including how the industry has become more inclusive to curvy brides.

The Bride in White Makes a Debut


The white wedding dress became the bridal status quo after Queen Victoria stunned the Western world when she waltzed down the aisle in white in the 1840s

The trend of the bride wearing white soon spread across Europe. However, it wouldn’t blow up in the US until after WWII. Wearing white became a symbol of purity and innocence for brides. 

Classic Wedding Dress Styles


Over the decades, wedding dress designs have evolved considerably, floating along with the fashion trends of the times. 

The 1910s saw a rise in flowy dresses, as dancing became a customary occasion during wedding celebrations. As years progressed, dress trends flipped from sleeveless to sleeved, high neck to strapless…the list goes on. 

Adding Curves to Wedding Dress Fashion


The 80s was the first time in fashion history where women’s curves were considered. Fashion brands of every caliber, including big names like Valentino and Givenchy, started extending lines for curvy women. 

Today, more wedding dress designers are specializing in curves as the importance of diversity and inclusion are brought into the spotlight. However, plus-size wedding dresses are still not as readily available in some areas as others. 

That’s why Curve Bridal is leading the charge as Florida’s only plus-size bridal boutique to change the narrative for the fashion-forward bride! We strive to deliver brides with a wide range of options in terms of plus size wedding gowns. 

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