A Comparison of Online vs. In-Person Bridal Appointments for Plus-Size Brides

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Shopping for a wedding dress is a joyous and significant experience, but at Curve we understand how it can be challenging for curvy brides to find larger sample sizes at many bridal boutiques. 

While online might render more plus-size offerings with a greater search reach, in-person appointments offer distinct advantages that can make the process more rewarding for plus-size brides.

At Curve, we ONLY offer wedding dresses in larger sizes (14 to 36+), so you can already count on finding a gem when you book an appointment with us!

Pros of In-Person Bridal Appointments

Tailored Guidance and Support

In-person bridal appointments provide plus-size brides with personalized attention from experienced consultants who understand the nuances of plus-size fashion. 

These professionals can offer expert advice on styles that flatter different body shapes and highlight the bride’s best features. The immediate, face-to-face interaction fosters a supportive environment where brides feel valued and understood.

Comprehensive Try-On Experience

The ability to try on dresses is a significant advantage of in-person appointments. Plus-size brides can experiment with various styles, fabrics, and silhouettes to see what fits and flatters their bodies. 

This tactile engagement allows for a better assessment of the gown's comfort, fit, and overall look.

Enhanced Confidence and Emotional Connection

Trying on dresses in a bridal boutique can boost a bride’s confidence and create a memorable, emotional experience. The ambiance, complete with elegant displays and proper lighting, creates picture-perfect moments and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Brides can share this celebration with loved ones, creating cherished memories and receiving immediate feedback and support.

Cons of Online Bridal Appointments

Limited Interaction and Guidance

While online appointments offer convenience, they often lack the depth of personal interaction found in in-person consultations. 

Virtual fittings can make it challenging for consultants to provide tailored advice and gauge the bride’s reactions accurately. Plus-size brides may miss out on the personalized guidance that can make a significant difference in finding the perfect gown.

Challenges with Fit and Alterations

Without the ability to try on dresses, online shopping can be particularly challenging for plus-size brides. The risk of ordering a gown that doesn’t fit well is higher, and returning or altering a dress purchased online can be a complicated and time-consuming process. 

You may find it harder to visualize how a gown will look and feel on your body based solely on online descriptions and images.

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