6 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Elements into Your Plus-Size Wedding Gown

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Blending vintage charm with contemporary style can create a stunning wedding gown that reflects your unique personality. For plus-size brides, you can get the best of both worlds in your size! We show you how, with our fave design tips to infuse old-school with new-school in a curvalicious way.

1. The Most Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Fabrics

Sometimes you can make the biggest impact with just the fabric. Opt for timeless fabrics that have been around for decades, but always look darn good. Lace, satin, and tulle are excellent choices. Delicate lace overlays or satin underlays can add traditional touch to your gown, especially if you go for an edgy, modern silhouette.

2. The Classic Silhouettes

Vintage fashion offers a range of flattering silhouettes for plus-size brides. Consider an A-line or empire waist gown, which highlights the smallest part of your waist and flows gracefully over your hips. Tea-length dresses are also a charming option, providing a nod to the 1950s.

3. Use Antique-Inspired Accessories

If you don’t want to go ham on customizing your contemporary plus-size gown, a few well-placed antique-inspired accessories should do the trick. Consider wearing a vintage veil, heirloom jewelry, or a lace bolero. These pieces up the historical appeal seamlessly. This is also a great opportunity to don your great grandma’s heirloom jewelry!

4. Select Vintage Buttons and Closures

Another easy way to transform a modern style without taking up too much time, it to simply replace zippers with vintage buttons or clasps. Pearl buttons or intricate clasps can add a subtle yet significant vintage touch to your gown, enhancing its authenticity and charm.

5. Incorporate Beading and Embroidery

Embellishments such as beading and embroidery can transform a simple gown into a vintage masterpiece. Choose patterns inspired by eras like the Art Deco period, which features geometric shapes and intricate details, or opt for delicate floral embroidery reminiscent of the Victorian era.

6. Opt for a Timeless Color Palette

Vintage gowns often come in shades beyond traditional white. Consider ivory, champagne, or blush for a softer, more vintage-inspired look. These hues can complement your skin tone and add a timeless appeal to your wedding attire.

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