The Best Bridal Belts and Sashes for Plus-Size Brides

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

You’ve picked out your perfect dress, but you feel like something is missing... time to accessorize!

For the curvalicious bride, it’s all about accentuating your best assets, and with the help of a bridal belt or sash, your hourglass figure is on full display. In this blog, we will cover the difference between bridal belts/ sashes and how to pick the option that will best suit your desired bridal look.

Bridal Belts

As the name suggests, bridal belts are fixed around the waist the bride, like a typical belt. Belts are typically held together with a hook and eye closure, making it look like a permanent part of your gown.

Brides can have fun with bridal belts, they are oftentimes used to add a pop of elegant detail, which ties together the flow of the dress, as well as the vibe of your venue, theme, and wedding décor. For example, a bridal belt can be used to not only add detail to your lovely gown, but also create parallels between your dress and the gowns of your bridesmaids.


Bridal Sashes

Like the bridal belt, bridal sashes are also a waist fixture. Sashes, however, are tied at the back in a romantic bow. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, a bridal sash is an lush option, due to the gentleness of the bow.

Belts and Sashes Final Thoughts

Keeping your waist tight is one way to enhance your curves, while also giving the bride the freedom to explore with her own unique style. 

The great thing about belts and sashes is their infinite versatility. Depending on what you like, you can find thick belts, thin belts, beaded belts or lace belts (this applies for sashes too.) 

One crucial tip to keep in mind is working the color of your belt/ sash with the color of your dress. For example, if your dress falls in the shades of ivory, warm colored belts/sashes can add dimension to your dress. For bright white gowns, cooler tones will do the job perfectly.



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