Curve’s Guide to Customizing Plus Size Wedding Dresses

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Let’s say you found your wedding dress and everything is almost perfect. 

Maybe you love everything about it, but the back is just a smidge too low. Or, you fell in love with a specific dress… but it’s strapless when you prefer cup sleeves. 

The dress of your dreams is not out of reach, thanks to a little process called customization.

Brides can change certain elements of their wedding dress by having alterations made. Though it may seem complex, especially if you are on a budget or time-crunch, dress customization can be really simple (in most cases) and provide spectacular results that complete your bridal vision. 

At Curve, we do not perform alterations, like most bridal boutiques. We leave that to the expert seamstresses in our area, who we gladly refer you to once you pick up your dress!

We cannot provide you a quote for your alterations, as it all depends on what you’ll need done, how your gown fits when it arrives, and who you choose to see for your alterations.

1. Can I Change My Dress Color?

The answer is yes. If the dress of your dreams doesn't match the color of your dreams, talk to your bridal consultant about the possibility of a color change. Color change can also involve the addition of different shades of lace or even a touch of sparkle.

2. Can I Swap My Skirt/ Bodice?

Another yes. Say you found the most flattering bodice, but the skirt is just not you. Simply swap it out for another!

3. How About Adding or Removing Straps/ Sleeves?

For the plus size bride, straps can be essential in terms of support. If you found a dress lacking straps, that is something that can easily be added on. This also applies if you would like to make modifications to the sleeve style. Switch from cup sleeve to long sleeve, no problem. 

4. Can I Change the Neckline?

Though a little bit more difficult, a neckline change is indeed doable. Talk to your consultant to explore possibilities.

5. Can I Shorten/ Lengthen the Train?

Sure. Long trains can be shortened, while short trains can be extended by adding some inches or even a detachable piece.

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