Helpful Information to Share With Your Bridal Consultant

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

The time has come for you to look for your wedding dress! For many brides-to-be, this has been a moment they’ve been dreaming about for years, and rightfully so- you’re going to choose the dress that was made for YOU!

Naturally, everyone wants their bridal appointment to go as smoothly as possible, and that’s why your consultant is there. They have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction and help you stay on course, offering honest suggestions and helping you feel your best.

Remember, you don’t have to know everything when you arrive at your appointment. Keep an open mind and enjoy! 

Below we’ve included a few tips to consider sharing with your bridal consultant during your appointment. This will help them narrow down some options to start and give them a clear perspective of your bridal vision.

Remember, bridal consultants, are there to help. If you’re in a boutique and you feel like your consultant isn’t listening to you, it may be time to ask for the manager or look for a new boutique! At Curve, we want you to feel totally comfortable and confident when shopping for plus size wedding dresses in Jacksonville. 

Alright, without further ado, let’s look at some helpful information to share with your consultant during your appointment.

Have you been wedding dress shopping before?

If you’ve already been to an appointment before, share your experience with your bridal consultant at your new appointment. Tell them how you felt about it and whether you have a dress in mind to compare with others.

Let them know if there are any dress styles you aren’t about. That way, they can save you time and energy by focusing on other styles instead of that particular style.

Never feel scared to voice exactly how you feel- transparency is crucial! You’ll never hurt our feelings, because, at Curve, our goal is to help you find the most flattering dress to make you feel like the queen you are!

Get on the same page regarding sizing

One of the most important discussions you’ll want to have with your stylist is about how you want your dress fit. Ultimately, the size is your decision, so take your time until you love how it feels. Here are examples of what to ask:

  • If your consultant hasn’t explained why they are suggesting a particular size, ask to see the size chart.

  • If you plan on losing or gaining weight, let your consultant know your goals. This can help save time with alterations

  • Explain how you want the dress to fit. Some brides prefer a tight, curve-hugging fit, while others like a little more wiggle room. If you are in-between sizes, your consultant will use your preferences to decide whether you should size up or down.

When shopping for plus size wedding dresses in Jacksonville, most brides like to bring along a pair of their favorite shapewear, like Spanx, and a strapless bra. If you already have your shoes, feel free to bring those along too!

This is YOUR day to shine, and at Curve we want to give you the most comfortable experience in a relaxed setting. Our team of bridal consultants is ready to hear your goals, plans, and dreams- we’re ready to help make it happen!

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