Plus-Size Bridal Style for a Casual, Outdoor Wedding

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to styling your bridal look for your dreamy outdoor ceremony. 

As a curvy bride, finding the dress that makes you feel your best while also providing maximum comfort is the ultimate goal. This is not a hard feat to conquer if you know what kind of things to look for when shopping for the best plus-size wedding dress. 

Luckily, outdoor weddings can be very casual, allowing the bride to really tap into her own personal taste. Keep reading to learn style tips for your wedding that perfectly appeal to mother nature.

Leaning into the Venue


When choosing your plus-size gown for your outdoors wedding, it’s important to think about the location of your ceremony. 

While it may be your dream to wear a sheer mermaid gown in the dusting winter snow, it may not be the most practical option (although by all means- wear whatever you feel is best for you!). 

When thinking about the dress of your dreams, also think about the elements of the venue where your ceremony is taking place. Familiarizing yourself with the flora, climate, and landscaping design may make it easier to narrow down dress silhouettes and fabrics that will leave you feeling the most comfortable at the altar.   

Choosing the Right Fabric

An important factor that we briefly mentioned is the climate. Choosing a fabric that flows with the climate is key in securing comfort. 

For summer weddings at the beach, lightweight materials are definitely the way to go. Think charmeuse or crepe, which are not only breathable, but also allow maximum mobility. Short plus-size dress lengths are perfect for the beach, allowing the bride to move easily through sand without dirtying the dress hem. 

Cooler ceremonies (at night or in the winter time) allows the bride to play with heavier materials, such as velvet or silk Mikado.

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