Planning an Outdoor Spring Wedding? We’ve Got the Plus-Size Bridal Trends That Work

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

With spring here, it’s time for the romance to blossom after a long, cold winter! In Florida, spring weather is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding, since it’s not too hot yet and our winters tend to be mild.

However, the occasional cold front surprise does roll in, and for brides it’s important to anticipate anything, especially if you’re planning a beach wedding.

For curvy brides, the thought of how to style your bridal look might be daunting, especially if you feel your plus-size wedding dress options are limited. However, this is not the case if you have the right boutique supporting you (ahem…Curve). 

In This post, we look at some savvy ways to conquer your spring bridal look, especially if your wedding will be held outside.

Detachable Pieces

Don’t let fickle spring weather get you down. Detachable bridal pieces are on trend for 2023, and can be a bride’s best friend.

Choose from an array of pieces that can totally change your look while adjusting comfort for the elements. Detachable skirts are perfect to wear over shorter dresses, providing warmth when the temperatures drop. You can then take it off when it’s time to get down on the dance floor.

Another trend that vibes perfectly with a romantic spring setting is an off the shoulder neckline flanked by puffed, sleeves. This is a great way for curvy brides to show off cleavage, and detahcbale sleeves can be an option to accommodate the weather.

3D Floral Motifs

We’re also seeing a heck of a lot of floral around the runways, which is great since spring flowers are the epitome of the season saying sayonara to winter.

Floral is being embraced through larger than life 3D embellishments that may fully cover a dress or trail in a pattern across a bodice or skirt. 

If flowers are too flowery, bows are also a sweet alternative to get romantic while frolicking in a field of wildflowers. Bring attention to your curvy waist line with a big bow on the back of the gown, or add a bow to a trendy asymmetrical neckline.


When you’re really unsure about the weather, but have had enough time indoors during the winter, you can always look to your faithful bridal accessories to do the trick. 

This year, capes are all the rage and are perfect to pair with a plus-size silhouette. A sheer chiffon cape will add just the right amount of coverage while still giving a glimpse of the curves underneath. 

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