Guidelines to Wedding Gown Shopping During a Pandemic

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Since 2020, the COVID pandemic has changed many aspects of normal life- the wedding industry included. Brides had to change wedding plans, postponing or even cancelling their ceremonies. After all, wedding planning, from booking the venue to shopping for a wedding dress happens well before the big day.

Numerous bridal boutiques across the country adapted to the changes, and at Curve we too take COVID precautions and health seriously to provide our brides with the best possible experience. As well, out bridal consultants are at risk every time they work in close proximity with a customer in a dressing room, and we aim to minimize risk as much as possible.

Below, we’ve outlined the safety measures we’ve implemented for appointments during the pandemic.

Refrain from booking multiple appointments ‘just for fun’

Booking multiple appointments to ‘have fun’ or play dress up is not recommended. Until you feel ready to say ‘yes’ to your dress, we suggest holding off on booking an appointment. We’re  not saying you’re required to buy a dress! All we’re saying is- wait to book when you’ve done your style research and your search turns serious.

Sanitation on point

At Curve, we strive to keep our beautiful store as clean and sanitized as possible. In between appointments we wipe down tables, doorknobs, bridal clips, and couches. 

For our delicate gowns, it’s different since lace and Clorox wipes don’t mix! Instead, if you like a gown, just let us know and we’ll pull it off the rack for you. This minimizes exposure and streamlines the appointment.

Guest count

Please understand that the more people we allow in the store, the higher the risk of being exposed to COVID. That’s why many bridal stores are restricting guest counts.

Restrictions or not, at Curve we don’t typically recommend bringing a large group anyways. The more opinions given on your dress, the more confusing and overwhelming the experience can become!

We always say what matters is how YOU feel in your dress and that you love it! At Curve, we still want you to bring those closest to you, which is why we allow a max of five guests to accompany you to your appointment.

Wherever you plan on trying on wedding dresses, be sure to ask the boutique what their current policies are regarding health safety. 

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