Easy Ways to Make a Statement With Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

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Courtney L.
September 21, 2022

Are you eyeing those seemingly ethereal plus size gowns that come with a hefty price tag? Do you dream of making an unforgettable entrance on your wedding day with a wedding dress that dazzles guests?

Hey babe- you don’t need to dish out the big bucks to make your plus size wedding dress a show stopping masterpiece!

Whether you opted for a simpler gown or need style inspo for your plus size bridal appointment, we’ve got the lowdown on the little details that make for a one-of-a-kind look without costing a lot of money.

Bring on the train

Jazzing up your wedding dress can be as easy as adding a luxurious train. It’s all about the fabric and details that make a dress stand out. For example, a cathedral train adorned with sparkly embellishments or a scalloped hem is the little touch that can bring the fancy factor up a notch. 

Swooping swag sleeves

If you’re wearing a plus size ball gown on your big day, then you’ve already chosen one of the most striking silhouettes to strut down the aisle. However, if you really want to leave a mark, you can focus on the bodice, especially the sleeves. 

Swag sleeves are romantic and unique, creating a sultry “oh my sleeves are falling off my shoulders” affect. This type of sleeve pairs especially well with a tight-fitting sweetheart neckline to accentuate the collarbone. Don’t forget to embellish if so desired!

Beautiful beadwork

We see a lot of lace appliques and intricate embroidery, but adding beadwork to your dress is next level when it comes to turning heads on the aisle. Elaborate beadwork makes an impact, and it can be what creates a truly unique dress that you’ll want to keep as an heirloom.

Best of all, if you’re on a budget you can thread on some beads yourself if you are confident in your sewing skills. There are no hard rules for how to embellish your wedding dress, get as creative as you desire to make a striking statement.

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