What to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

Shopping for your wedding dress takes a little more thought and prep than just trying on gowns. It involves patience, time, teamwork, and an open mind. 


Believe it or not, etiquette plays a big role in the success of a bridal appointment. From the moment you arrive at your appointment, knowing how to work together with your consultant and handle the dresses with care makes it a pleasant, seamless experience across the board.  


Here’s the scoop on wedding dress shopping etiquette to help make your first appointment fun and stress-free!

Limit the Guest List


You might have fantasies of your entire entourage surrounding you and popping champagne as you twirl in your dream dress, but at Curve, we highly recommend bringing just 2-3 guests with you. 

Hearing too many opinions can cloud your mind and make it frustrating to choose a gown- even for the most confident of brides. 

You might even want to give your gang a pep talk before the appointment to let them know why they’ve been invited- to celebrate and support you as you find the gown you love! 

At Curve, the max number of guests you can bring is five. Make sure to check with us to book our larger suite designed to host multiple guests.  

Punctuality is Key


Arriving late to a scheduled appointment is always a ‘no no’- and that goes for any kind of appointment! 


Make sure you give yourself ample time to make it to your appointment. You deserve to be relaxed as you try on dresses, and rushing certainly won’t help. It’s also courteous to the brides who have appointments following yours, as time is limited.

Handle Each Dress with Care


It’s important to handle every dress you try on as though it’s the one you’re going to wear on your big day. 


Consider the time and effort put into making the dress, not to mention the cost. When wearing or removing a dress, be mindful of the fabric and styling, especially if it has intricate lace or beadwork. 


Minimize your makeup for the appointment, and take care not to let dress fabric brush up against your lipstick or foundation.


Remember, a dress that doesn’t work for you could be someone else's perfect fit!

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