Beautiful Style Ideas for Curvy Florida Brides

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

Florida is a dream destination for a wedding, providing local brides with a paradise that people travel miles to enjoy. 

However, Florida brides know that the heat is no joke. You have to be savvy when planning your wedding around the weather, especially when it comes to the dress. As a plus-size bride you might think that your options are limited, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

At Curve, we are dedicated to providing a stunning variety of plus-size wedding dresses that allow you to dress for any type of climate or outdoor setting. Let’s dive in! 

Dressing for Your Environment

As mentioned above, Florida is an environmentally diverse state. Though the climate may be pretty temperate throughout the state, each region has its own unique culture and vibe. 

The southernmost counties offer a taste of the tropics, while the middle/ northern regions evoke southern hospitality and charm. Styling in accordance with your Florida wedding destination can help narrow down dress options and overall wedding themes.

Styling for the Beach

Probably most notable for its beaches, costal nuptials are in the cards for many Florida brides. As the peninsula state, there are a variety of beaches with soft sand and warm blue water that makes it feel like you’re in another country.


South Florida is known for its melting pot of Caribbean and latin influences. Styling for the tropics allows the bride to dip into “I live where you vacation” mentality. 

Light pastel themes are suitable if you are planning a Miami wedding. For plus-size brides, don’t be afraid to show off those curves with a tight-fitting mermaid gown. You also can’t go wrong with a sophisticated A-line silhouette for ceremonies at a beach front resort in Palm Beach.  

Styling for the Countryside

Traveling up from South to North, you will find more laid-back beach towns along the way. These towns have a sleepier feel and really express the essence of old Florida with oak trees and a rustic, country feel. 

If this is more your speed, styling in a bohemian fashion gives you an opportunity to become one with the natural beauty around you. 

Boho styles can still be mermaid silhouettes with lace accents and flowing sleeves or a simple silk slip (another great dress option for easy mobility down the aisle, breathablity in warmer climates and show case of your curves).

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