A Guide to Different Shades of White for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

As most brides know, a white wedding gown is a tradition in western culture. That being said if your heart isn’t set on white, but you’re having a traditional wedding, there are a multitude of off-white shades to consider. 


Here is a complete guide to shades of white for plus-size wedding gowns to give you a general idea of what to look for at your bridal appointment.

Pure White Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a dress that gives off a shine or glow (sort of like freshly whitened teeth), then pure white is the way to go. 

Also referred to as stark white, pure white achieves its unmistakable glow from the help of bleached fabrics. 

Pure white dresses are typically offered in most dress styles. However, one downfall some brides may find with pure white is that it can be overwhelming (a blessing and curse). This is because of its often blue undertone, which doesn’t always work with certain skin tones. 

Natural White Wedding Dress

Natural white is the perfect balance between pure white and ivory. With crisp, delicate tones, natural white is a more gentle shade, often found with natural fabrics such as silk. 

Because of its subtleness, natural white is better in terms of preventing washout against the bride's skin tone. If a boho wedding is in your future, natural white is a nice, earth-inspired option.

Light Gold Wedding Dress

If you prefer a light shade that is not white, light gold is a unique and striking option. Similar to champagne, light gold gives off dreamy warm undertones and is essential for brides looking to incorporate subtle pops of color

Light gold is usually worked into the dress through intricate stitching, beadwork, or the lining. So though the fabric base is white, light gold provides an unmistakable sheen.

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