4 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Shopping For a Wedding Dress

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Savanah Lambert
September 21, 2022

Shopping for that dream wedding gown is an incomparable journey, different from any other life experience. Before embarking on the quest to say ‘yes’ to the dress that was made for you, here are 4 things that other brides wish they knew before booking an appointment with a bridal boutique!


Look Online, But Don’t Forget About Local Boutiques


The internet is a great place to start searching for plus-size wedding dress inspo and creating a folder of style ideas. This way, you can hand-pick the silhouettes that speak to you, necklines that you love, or anything else that would bring your vision to life. 

This being said, the internet only skims the surface. Local bridal boutiques offer unique selections that you might not have even considered or can find anywhere else. When shopping for a dress. You also get the expert advice of a bridal consultant. 

Consider giving your local plus-size wedding dress boutique a call to see if they carry the designer or style you are interested in.

Give Yourself Permission to Say Yes

Shopping for a wedding dress doesn’t need to be stressful! If you find your perfect dress during your first appointment, give yourself permission to say yes. 


Each bride has a different journey when searching for gowns, and it can feel numb after seeing so many styles. If you stumble upon your dress early in the process, take that as a sign to relax a little and go for it!

Give Yourself Time


Say you don’t find the dress at your first appointment. That’s ok too! 

However, the most important thing is that you have enough time. After finding the dress, there will likely be fittings and alterations to be made in order to make the dress uniquely yours. 

That’s why at Curve we recommend anywhere from 4-6 months since all of our gowns are made to order. Then you will need alterations to perfect the fit of your gown, and you’ll want to allow 2 months for this process! 

Who to Bring to the Appointment


Your dress appointment entourage should consist of people who know your personal style and offer solid fashion advice. 

This being said, make sure you bring people whose opinions you want to hear to your appointment. A big crowd has the potential of causing stress by making it overwhelming with so many suggestions. At Curve, the max number of guests you can bring is five.


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